B50 LunchClub Membership Guidelines

These notes are intentionally described as ‘guidelines’ rather than ‘rules’ as Business50 has no desire or intention to become rule-bound. These guidelines are intended to give LunchClub members some idea of the level of commitment suggested of them and to provide them with some comfort that other members will be similarly committed. In addition, the guidelines aim to ensure there is degree of protection for their “Sector Seat” allowing for a constructive, collaborative and non-competitive group environment.

A Business50 LunchClub operates on a Sector Seat basis where only one attendee may represent an industry sector (profession, occupation, industry classification or role) at a LunchClub. In identifying their sector seat, members must represent their primary occupation and not simply any or all of the services of their business. A Business50 LunchClub is about building relationships and trust between members and it is important that a member should be representing the skills that they themselves have. Business50 management have final authority relating to any potential sector conflicts. A member can reserve their Sector Seat at their nominated LunchClub for the period of their membership as long as they abide by the guidelines applied which consist:

  • Attendance is critical to a LunchClub. If a member cannot attend, a substitute should be sent – as long as that substitute is not already a member. Substitution does not count as an absence.
  • Members should not miss more than two consecutive LunchClubs. More than two absences may be taken as a relinquishment of their Sector Seat and the seat may become vacant.
  • Members who expect to be long term absent (e.g. through sickness or extended vacation) should identify a substitute to take their place during that period. If this is not possible they should make a case to Business50 management for the retention of their sector seat.
  • LunchClubs meet monthly and meetings last for 2 hours. Members should be punctual and generally stay for the whole meeting.
  • A member may only hold their Sector Seat at one LunchClub, but may visit other LunchClubs provided no Sector Seat conflict would arise.
  • Members visiting another LunchClub should announce that they are visiting from their own LunchClub and should not do or say anything which could be taken as competitive with a sitting member of that LunchClub.
  • Members are encouraged to invite a 4 guests per year to their LunchClub. Members should have a realistic expectation that their guests will be able to contribute to the group and may themselves become members.
  • Members should where possible seek to fill empty “Core Sector Seats” through inviting guests.
  • Members Guests may attend a LunchClub twice before having to decide on membership.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to raise their concern with Business50 if they believe that a guest in any way conflicts with their sector seat. This should be done before the next LunchClub and before the guest is approved for membership. If no concerns raised, then Business50 will ‘assume their consent’ to attendance and/or membership.
  • Members who wish to change their Sector Seat should request this from Business50 and obtain approval.
  • Members who wish to change their LunchClub should request this from Business50 and obtain approval.
  • Members are encouraged to meet at least one other member for a “One-to-One” each month. One-to-One’s are important in ensuring that LunchClub members get to know other members and the wider membership and re-enforce the collaborative nature of Business50 in growing businesses.

In case of a complaint from other members re a member’s behaviour or commitment, Business50 may, at their sole discretion, put a member on probation relating to the member’s continued membership.


Sector Seat: An identifiable profession or skill (selected from the sector list on our website) which an individual can bring to their LunchClub and the wider membership.

Core Sector Seats: A list of Sector Seats categories which ideally should be represented at each LunchClub to ensure that each LunchClub has the full range of skills required to address many common issues and opportunities. These core sectors are listed on our sector list and details of occupied seats for each LunchClub are held by our Lunch Hosts and are checked at every LunchClub meeting.

One–to-One: A meeting explicitly organised for two members to spend some time with each other without distraction in order to get a better understanding about each other’s services, skills and contacts to determine where and how they might be able to assist each other either directly or indirectly.