B50 Round Table Speed Networking

“……your round-the-table style is far superior than the dreaded knee-to-knee version. I went to a ‘knee-to-knee’ recently – it was ‘orrible!”
Nick Oswald, Legends Promotional Products.

What makes Business50 speed networking so effective and successful?
We realised years back that traditional (old) style Speed Networking formats that use rows of knee to knee, face to face short exchanges no longer had value to our attendees. It is not how people interact, it is not sociable, it is uncomfortably loud, it is not networking and it just plain does not work! Where else in your business life do you start a relationship by shouting at your contact?
We set about developing a format that focused on our attendees getting the absolute maximum in return for attending. Business50 Round Table Speed Networking takes the energy and excitement of one-to-one speed networking and delivers an exciting, high-impact but structured networking event that will produce exceptional results for delegates.

How does B50 Round Table Speed Networking work?
Delegates network at tables of 5 – 7 for comfortable networking sessions that each last about 10-15 minutes (depending on event size and the duration of the event.)
An experienced networker is appointed as a table host to make sure that the networking at that table runs smoothly and no one is left out and for their mentoring they are rewarded with some extra talk time.
You get your message across to each delegate at the table, without sitting knee to knee screaming at each other, as usually happens at ordinary speed networking events. You can sit in comfort, you have a table to support note taking, a place to put your business cards and you can even have a cuppa if you wish!

When time is up at a table, everyone one moves on to the next pre-assigned table to meet a brand new group of delegates. An unrivalled feature of our Round Table Speed Networking events, is that it eliminates duplicate meetings in each of the networking rounds as delegates move from table to table.
From groups of 25-125 our unique method (developed for Business50 by Janet Torley) guarantees that you will meet up to 100% of the attendees, subject to the time available. At a typical two hour “Meet & Greet” networking event, with 50 delegates, you will meet, at most, 10-15 people. With Business50 Round Table Speed Networking you will meet them all.

How will I benefit from B50 Round Table Speed Networking?

  • Without a doubt you will meet more people in a short timeframe than ever before. You will meet everyone and you will only meet them once!
  • All those who participate are like you in that they have invested their time and energy to build their network and want to see it keep growing.
  • Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, young in your career or experienced, because Round Table Speed Networking is structured but in a sociable environment you will enjoy meeting people in this type of format and networking becomes a joy again.
  • This is no time for just selling! Simply have a conversation and learn about what each new connection as both an individual and professional – i.e. who they are, what they do. True Business Networking!
  • A broad & diverse audience will hear about your offering, which maximises your selling opportunity.
  • Each person you meet will have a unique product or service and in turn a different message, thus ensuring the best use of your time and investment.
  • B50 Speed-networking delivers high volume and quality connections, but you must follow up and begin to cultivate the relationships. The initial interaction is only the starting point for each of your new potential relationships. The B50 environment facilitates such maintained contact via all its other activities.
  • Consider all the new people you can now help by knowing what they do and in turn who can help you! Imagine attending even one speed-networking event per month, you will more than likely meet over 500 new people throughout the year. And, if you do it right, you can leave a lasting impression making sure those 500 people in your community REMEMBER YOU.

After many years of executing speed networking events and creating thousands of new connections, the testimonials for Business50 from participants who gained new clients, projects, jobs and friendships continues to amaze us. We confidently will place a properly run B50 round table speed networking session against any other networking event format and can assure you the outcomes will be far greater.
If you haven’t tried it, we highly recommend it. In today’s world, networking is critical from the receptionist to the managing director. Round Table Speed Networking offers an efficient and effective tool to propel your business and expand your influence! Never has networking been this fun and this rewarding.
Believe it or not, speed networking is just what it sounds like – quick, focused opportunities to meet those who can propel your career and business. And, YES, it does really work – with B50 Round Table Speed Networking! We all desire to accelerate our business and get on the fast track to success, with our speed-networking, you can accelerate your networking. You can meet more quality contacts and actually have more meaningful conversations in just one event than with any other method!
Business50 Round Table Speed Networking is EFFECTIVE, SUCCESSFUL and FUN!
Try it now!

“I’ve been going to Business50 for over five years now and last year one contract alone was worth £18K of business. Business50 works.”

Ben Cartwright, UNIQ Marketing & Design