Performer: Premiata Forneria Marconi
Title: Photos Of Ghosts
Country: UK
Released: 1973
Style: Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock
Performer: Sibelius
Title: Symphony No. 2 In D Op 43
Country: US
Style: Romantic
Performer: Joi Cardwell
Title: Power
Country: US
Released: 1998
Style: House, Progressive House
Performer: The Sydney String Quartet
Title: Quartet In F Major / Quartet No. 11 In F Minor, Opus 95 (The Serious)
Country: Australia
Released: 1975
Performer: Before The Dawn
Title: My Darkness
Country: Spain
Released: 2003
Style: Death Metal, Heavy Metal
Performer: Lil Mo' Yin Yang
Title: Reach
Country: US
Released: 1996
Style: House
Performer: Tom Löwenthal
Title: Wees Hier Aanwezig
Performer: Yves Deruyter
Title: Rhythmic Bazz
Country: Belgium
Released: 2001
Style: Trance, Hard Trance
Performer: stefan
Performer: Rita Pavone
Title: Qui Ritornerà!
Released: 1966
Style: Beat, Chanson, Rock & Roll
Performer: Angela Inglis
Title: Echo
Country: Canada
Released: 2014
Style: Folk
Performer: Wagner
Title: Selections From Der Ring Des Nibelungen
Country: US
Released: 1962
Performer: Soman
Title: Re:Up
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Style: Rhythmic Noise, EBM, Techno, Electro
Performer: Westworld
Title: Westworld
Country: Japan
Released: 1998
Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Performer: GLOVV
Title: Reprisal
Released: 2016
Style: Indie Pop, Avantgarde, Experimental, Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Vocal
Performer: Серьга
Title: Детское Сердце
Released: 2011
Performer: Old Wounds
Title: II
Country: UK
Released: 2012
Style: Hardcore
Performer: The Fall
Title: A World Bewitched: Best Of 1990-2000
Released: 2001
Style: Leftfield, Indie Rock
Performer: Troop
Title: Deepa
Country: US
Released: 1992
Style: Rhythm & Blues, New Jack Swing
Performer: Bile
Title: Sex Reflex
Country: US
Released: 1999
Style: Industrial, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Performer: Pinned In Place
Title: Rubbernecking At The Gates Of Hell
Released: 2018
Style: Indie Rock
Performer: Snowing
Title: Pump Fake / Scherbatsky
Country: US
Released: 2012
Style: Emo, Punk
Performer: Shook Ones
Title: MerriweatherPostPavilion
Country: US
Released: 2012
Style: Punk
Performer: The Dead Heir
Title: Go Wild EP
Released: 2015
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Performer: Holograms
Title: Surrender
Country: Sweden
Released: 2017
Style: Post-Punk
Performer: Emil
Title: Geschichten, Die Das Leben Schrieb
Country: Switzerland
Released: 1970
Style: Comedy, Spoken Word
Performer: The Lafaros
Title: Acapella Serenades
Released: 2001
Style: Doo Wop
Performer: Phallus Dei
Title: Black Dawn
Released: 2017
Style: Experimental, Industrial, Krautrock, Noise, Free Jazz, Drone
Performer: Bing
Title: Bing 'n Basie
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1972
Style: Big Band
Performer: Rio
Title: Fiori
Country: Europe
Released: 2014
Performer: Χάρις Αλεξίου
Title: Για Ένα Tango
Country: Greece
Released: 1997
Style: Éntekhno
Performer: Die Zwei
Title: Grapsch!
Country: Germany
Released: 1984
Style: Abstract, Electro, Synth-pop
Performer: Mina
Title: Tintarella Di Luna
Released: 1960
Style: Vocal, Rock & Roll
Performer: NICO Touches the Walls
Title: 渦と渦
Country: Japan
Released: 2015
Performer: Haldol
Title: Haldol
Country: US
Released: 2014
Style: Goth Rock, Punk
Performer: M.I.K.E.
Title: 생­중­계­카­지­노ワ≪ P‍‍R‍‍C‍‍1‍‍0‍‍.‍‍C‍‍0‍‍M ≫す실­시­간­바­카­라­사­이­트
Performer: Carole King
Title: Corazon
Country: US
Released: 1973
Style: Folk
Performer: Sizzla
Title: 876
Released: 2016
Style: Reggae
Performer: Endstufe
Title: Der Tod Ist Überall
Released: 1996
Style: Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Oi
Performer: Michelle Williams
Title: Do You Know
Country: US
Released: 2004
Style: Gospel
Performer: Jacques Brel
Title: Ne Me Quitte Pas
Country: France
Released: 1985
Style: Chanson
Performer: David Gamson
Title: Sugar Sugar
Country: UK
Released: 1981
Style: Electro, Disco
Performer: Uncle Dog
Title: Feel Me (The Remixes)
Released: 2013
Style: Deep House
Performer: Who Am I?
Title: Nickel Slick Nigga
Country: US
Released: 1991
Style: Gangsta
Performer: Gingko
Title: Manopause
Performer: Beyonce
Title: Countdown (UK Remixes)
Country: Europe
Released: 2011
Style: House, Electro House
Performer: Orchestra Campestre
Title: Lampo / Cuor Lontano
Performer: Times Two
Title: X2
Country: US
Released: 1988
Style: Power Pop, Pop Rock
Performer: Synergies
Title: Mantra Code
Released: 2018
Style: Psy-Trance
Performer: U2
Title: ZooTV Live From Sydney
Country: Europe
Released: 2006
Style: Interview, Acoustic, Pop Rock, Spoken Word, Experimental